Are you ready to turn your clothes into cash or credit toward new clothes?

We offer our customers 30% of our sale price in cash or 40% of our sale price in store credit.

We buy all seasons, all year long! We buy maternity and children’s clothing up to size 16. We also buy baby carriers, cloth diapers, diaper bags, children’s books, pregnancy and parenting books, and accessories like hats, boots, bags, etc.

We buy sporting shoes and clothes, but not gear. Junebug does not buy furniture, car seats, helmets, strollers, gear, blankets and bedding, or toys. Please donate or sell these items elsewhere.

Please do not feel offended if we are unable to buy your items! We have to be selective so that we can offer you the best, most varied inventory.

Follow these steps to get the most for those clothes!

Step 1  Check all items for stains, odors, excessive wear, damage, pet hair, etc. and dispose of those items elsewhere.

Step 2  Wash all items that have passed the first test. We can only buy items fresh & ready for our racks!

Step 3  Organize! Keep outfits together & fasten all fasteners. Snap snaps, button buttons, zip zippers.

Step 4  Place all of your clothes in a clean bag, box, or tote. Lay them flat…no need to fold!

Step 5  Drop your items at Junebug. We don’t make appointments, so come any time. Fill out a quick form & put your order in the queue. We’ll get to it as soon as we can!

Step 6  Spend that cash or credit. If you’ve followed these steps, then you’ve earned it!